Beautiful ladies who shine forever and enjoy life.

Not only fashion and culture, but also the world is evolving and developing one after another.
In this ever-changing era, I want you to remember to 
“Enjoy your life in your own way”
“Live your life in your own way”

I hope that KIHO can color to your beautiful life. 


Timeless Beauty-elegant casual-

Simple and timeless design that never go out of style.
So that can be worn for a long time,
even as we age, the times change.

We are most particular about design of
"Beautiful silhouette that impresses you
the moment you put it on."
It's a wardrobe for ladies will always be beautiful. 

production about

We use eco-friendly materials that reduce the burden on the environment. The products are hand-made by Japanese craftsmen at a factory in Fukuoka.
In order to avoid mass production, we do semi-ordered production. We also tackle the problem of inventory disposal in the apparel industry.



International : XS/34
Japanese : S/7

For ladies who strive for "beauty" every day, we hope our brand will serve as a benchmark and motivation for you, so we size on a healthy slim.
KIHO supports ladies who will always shine.