Today, we live in a world where each person has his or her own good and diversity should be respected. Body type is not an important thing. However, it's a fact that many people want to be slim and beautiful. People who strive to be "beauty" are beautiful. This is a brand that wants to support such people.



Beautiful ladies who shine forever and enjoy life.

Not only fashion and culture, but also the world is evolving and developing one after another.
In this ever-changing era, I want you to remember to 
“Enjoy your life in your own way”
“Live your life in your own way”
I hope that KIHO can color to your beautiful life. 

brand concept

Timeless Beauty-elegant casual-

Simple and timeless design that never go out of style.
So that can be worn for a long time,
even as we age, the times change.

We are most particular about design of
"Beautiful silhouette that impresses you
the moment you put it on."
It's a wardrobe for ladies will always be beautiful. 

production about

We use eco-friendly materials that reduce the burden on the environment. The products are hand-made by Japanese craftsmen at a factory in Fukuoka.
In order to avoid mass production, we do semi-ordered production. We also tackle the problem of inventory disposal in the apparel industry.



International : XS-S/34
Japanese : S/7

For ladies who strive for "beauty" every day, we hope our brand will serve as a benchmark and motivation for you, so we size on a healthy slim.
KIHO supports ladies who will always shine.