lip T-shirt
lip T-shirt
lip T-shirt
lip T-shirt
lip T-shirt
lip T-shirt
lip T-shirt
lip T-shirt
lip T-shirt

lip T-shirt

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Message T-Shirt Unisex

"Be yourself."


International standard : S-L
Japanese standard : S-L

Length :     72cm
Width :       55cm
Shoulder width : 50cm
Sleeve length :  22cm

♦︎ABOUT ... lip T-Shirt
You do you and I'll do me.

This is a concept that the director KIHO has been my motto for a long time.
I don't want to be carried away by the trends of the times.
I don't like comparing myself to others or being compared to them, I just want to be me.

In an age where the spread of social networking sites allows us to see too much of other people's lives
The design conveys the message "People are people and they have their own way of life.”

This is an idea that is also incorporated into the concept of ”KIHO” .


・Strength of the neck ribs
 The ribbing at the neck is double stitching that increases the strength of the fabric.
Because it's something that goes through the neck many times.

・Reduced fluffing
 Pilling becomes a problem after repeated washing. Instead of the usual carded yarn, we use combed yarn from which short fibers are removed to reduce pilling. Furthermore, the texture will be smooth to the touch.

・Reduce washing shrinkage
 The shrinkage rate after washing is stabilized at about 3% by incorporating shrinkage resistant processing into the fabric. After repeated washing.The silhouette changes are kept to a minimum.

※Please note that the product image is a sample, so there may be some errors in the color, size, material mixing ratio, etc.

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